Difference between dating and committed relationship

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There are numerous topics or parts of themselves they hide or don't feel brave enough to share.I believe, via my own observations of others, personal life experiences and extensive reading, that to be both emotionally close to and "together" in a romantic relationship, while this certainly does not mean feeling obligated towards telling them absolutely everything, I do believe it means you generally should feel free enough and trusting of them to the degree as though you could. With all of that said, dating exclusively is the step before the stage of a committed relationship, but they are not one in the same.They likely become your more-often-than-not plus one, and have probably met many of the people with whom you are close. This is of course not to say you drop spending time with friends, push work aside or stop reveling in hobbies and passions. People who are healthy and happy will maintain these things in their lives.Plus, when you have a fulfilling, awesome life with other things that bring you joy and satisfaction, you bring more to a relationship.

Anyone can have a relationship and this is very much a vague term upon close examination. Often accompanied by majorly rose tinted glasses- giving most people the impression that their new love interest is nearly perfect in almost every way. You find out the real stuff later on." I don't agree with that.So the word "relationship" offers no indication of its depth or seriousness. Commitment can be nearly all of that (hopefully exciting, passionate, and still idealistic- as studies show that those who focus more on what's awesome about their partner as opposed to their weaknesses tend to have far happier relationships). With commitment, at this point you've also seen your loves negative/more challenging traits. Of course, no one ever knows anything for complete certainty. Thus, there is always a possibility for endings, which is natural and normal. Commitment is feeling you know enough in dating someone that you want to move forward in building something with this person, together.That word tells us nothing about the connection or strength of feelings between the two people in it. Dating tends to imply a more casual demeanor, often with less time put in.Just..commitment and deeper feelings, often, this comes with a shifting emotionally, with ones time, as well as with ones priorities.In dating, the person you're spending time with isn't necessarily a top priority, even though you may really like them.

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